Algorithmic Photography

I name digital algorithmic photography a form of experimental art in which a regular digital photography is processed by an algorithm to obtain a new image.  
In my experimental photography works, I aim to achieve a musical convergence among the elements conforming the composition. In other words, from my point of view, this pictures are silent and timeless music. To briefly explain the technique, I tell the computer how to displace the pixels composing the image. This process is inspired by the "granular synthesis" technique which is employed in electro-acoustic music. 

Buildings (2018) 

No words (2017)

Copenhagen (2016)

Promenade (2016)

No name (2017) 

En los abismos del agua (2017) 

Olhao (2017) 

Playa del Carmen (2015) 

Playa del Carmen (2015) 

En las olas (2017)

Mar de Europa, mar frío (2017) 

Playa del Carmen (2015)

Playa del Carmen (2015) 

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