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 A Visual Music Work by Sabina Covarrubias

VisionR Le Générateur 5 novembre 2022 #Bernard Bousquet DSCF2569.jpg

Sabina Covarrubias performing Fertility during VISION'R 2022, VJ festival. November 2022, Paris. 

We will undergo multiple metamorphoses throughout life, our essence persists and at the same time disappears when it merges with the whole. Images of live perfomance of Fertility, live audio reactive, audio generated visuals.  Festival Vision'R 2022. 



Work Description: 

Fertility, is a work of visual music by Sabina Covarrubias. This is a tribute to female fertility as well as to the fertility of nature. This work, composed during the artist's residence in Cove Park, Scotland, .It is imbued with the humid sounds of the Scottish landscape in Cove Park. In this work the music and visuals are performed live. In a scene, the artist plays a modular synthesizer and a vocoder, the visuals are generated in real time from the sounds of the music. The work can be presented in Octophonic format or stereo. A video-mapping version adaptable to different surfaces is also possible. This work is 25 minutes long. This piece can be played also in a 45 minutes concert, with the works Turning Point and Vitae, all in an amazing immersive octophonic format. 

Fertility is a work financed by Cryptic Glasgow producers and British Council France , created in Scotland Cove Park residency and in CMMAS residency. The stereo version released by Elli Records , France. This is the beginning, next show will be hosted at Big [PMF~ 2023] Festival in Indiana University :

Fertility performance demo

Pictures of the work

Listen to the Music

Click : Listen Fertility Album on Band Camp
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