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Turning Point

​Turning Point (2018) is a visual music work, it includes electronic music and live-generative visuals.  The visuals are generated in real time over a pre-recorded music.
Please click the link below to see a recording of a live performance of Turning Point 

Turning Point (2018) is a live visual music work created by Sabina Covarrubias. This is a recording of a live performance. The audio track was mastered. This work was financed by FONCA, SNCA. The instruments and tools used to produce this work  are:



Live-Generative video was made using Jitter in Max MSP 7 by Cycling74

The computer used was an Alienware 15 R3 equipped with a

GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX Video recorded using: NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Youtube version created with Resolve 15 by Black Magic Design

Video recording was made using NVIDIA GeForce Experience Video

Youtube version made with: Resolve 15 by BlackMagic.



Hardware Instruments used: 

0-Coast by Make Noise 

Moog sub37

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest 

Intellijel Plonk 

Mutable Instruments Rings 

Mutable Instruments Stages 

Make Noise Maths 


Software Instruments used:

Arturia Analog emulations 


Synthesizers recorded using: Sound card RME FireFace 802 

Pro tools 12

Ableton Live 10

Track mixed using: Pro tools 12 

iZotope Neutron iZotope Ozone EQ 

Dynamic EQ HOFA Reverb IRCAM Flux Reverb

Weiss DS1 Mk3 Softube TubTech EQ

Mastering using: Weiss DS1 Mk3 and Ozone 8

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