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Content: This product contains a Jitter patch named parts.maxpat and a javascript file named parts.js.  This audio-reactive patch is ready for use in MacOS and Windows.


Working principle: A javascript file slices an image according to average amplitude (RMS) values. The values of the average amplitude determine the speed of movement of the slices and number of cuts in an image. Please see the video-demo and user-guide below to better understand this process. 


Modifying the patch: The user can modify the patch to make it work with a live-video input, a movie file or a still image (.jpg). The user can also modify the patch to make it work with live-audio input or audio-files. 

Video-Demo and User Guide

Video demo and user guide: This video explains how to use the patch, its structure and working principles. 

Audio-Reactive Visuals Generated using "Fragmenta Live-Split Image patch" 

Video Demo: Slicing speed is determined by average amplitude values. Original image by Sabina Covarrubias Algorithmic Photography, music by Sabina Covarrubias


Image made using this patch, this is a screenshot. Source image : "Charco" Algorithmic Photography, music by Sabina Covarrubias

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