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Cryptic Glasgow-Cove Park Residency  




March 2019, I spent the whole month working in Scotland.  The Cove-Park and Glasgow residency, organized by Cryptic and CMMAS in conjunction with the British Council, has been fruitful and very important in my artistic career. I can say that it marked a new starting point in my artistic career. First, what was this residency about?  The month-long residency: Three weeks of intense work at Cove-Park on my art project and one week in Glasgow to exchange experiences with the art community in this city. 

In this document, I will make a description of the work done during this residency, then I will make a description of the creative process and finally I will give my conclusions and thanks.

Learn more about Cryptic-Glasgow Producers here:

Work done in Cove-Park


My project. Description, Progress and Results.


During my residency in Cove-Park I worked on my project "Gestures of Light". Broadly speaking: this project seeks the convergence between four disciplines: musical composition, experimental photography, real-time visuals, and music performance.  Next, I will describe the work done during three weeks.

Experimental photography


During my three-week residency at Cove-Park I took a series of 53 photographs.


The creative process was as follows:

1. The photos were taken inside Cove-Park.

2. I worked on developing and debugging the algorithm to process the images to obtain new images.

3. I created the series of 53 photographs by processing the images taken at Cove-Park using the algorithm. Here I show in small format the final work: the series of 53 photographs created at Cove-Park.

The music


During the three weeks of residence at Cove-Park I composed,  40 minutes of original music from scratch.


The instruments used were: 

  • Prophet Rev2 synthesizer with keyboard

  • My modular synthesizer

  • 0-coast

  • FireFace 800 Audio Interface

  • Genelec 30-B Speakers

  • Recording in Protools 12.