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LIVING SHAPES  Patch and  written tutorial


This pack contains a Jitter patch and a written tutorial. The Jitter patch (named shapes6) is ready for use.  It modifies a 3D shape by means of movie color data. It allows you to create smooth movements on 3D surfaces, for example,  like water running or fire burning. The patch can also generate a large variety of live visuals.  Watch the demo below  to see what it can do.  The written tutorial explains in deep detail the working principles of the patch. A deep understanding of this principles will let you modify the patch or build something similar


Visuals generated using the patch shapes6


What do I get? 

This pack contains two files: 

  • A written tutorial:  20 pages long PDF file  

  • A Jitter patch.  Compatible with both versions Max 7 and Max 8. 

How to use this patch

Click here to see the video-user guide of this patch

Who is this tutorial for? 

This is a Jitter intermediate-advanced tutorial for:

  • Those who have already studied the basic concepts of Jitter in Max.  If you are a Jitter and/or a Max beginner,  I recommend to study the Jitter Beginners Course before this tutorial. To learn more about the online course click here.  

  • People with strong experience in Max-Msp, not necessarily having Jitter experience. 

  • Those who have strong experience with visual-programming environments such as Pure Data or Touch Designer.

  • People with experience in Object Oriented Programming languages.   

Thank you for your support
By paying for my work you are supporting my artistic career,  this allows me to create more visuals and music. 
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