LIVING SHAPES  Patch and  written tutorial


This pack contains a Jitter patch and a written tutorial. The Jitter patch (named shapes6) is ready for use.  It modifies a 3D shape by means of movie color data. It allows you to create smooth movements on 3D surfaces, for example,  like water running or fire burning. The patch can also generate a large variety of live visuals.  Watch the demo below  to see what it can do.  The written tutorial explains in deep detail the working principles of the patch. A deep understanding of this principles will let you modify the patch or build something similar


Visuals generated using the patch shapes6

What do I get? 

This pack contains two files: 

  • A written tutorial:  20 pages long PDF file  

  • A Jitter patch.  Compatible with both versions Max 7 and Max 8. 

How to use this patch

Click here to see the video-user guide of this patch

Who is this tutorial for? 

This is a Jitter intermediate-advanced tutorial for:

  • Those who have already studied the basic concepts of Jitter in Max.  If you are a Jitter and/or a Max beginner,  I recommend to study the Jitter Beginners Course before this tutorial. To learn more about the online course click here.  

  • People with strong experience in Max-Msp, not necessarily having Jitter experience. 

  • Those who have strong experience with visual-programming environments such as Pure Data or Touch Designer.

  • People with experience in Object Oriented Programming languages.   

Questions ? 

I'll answer during my work schedule, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm CET/ CEST


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