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Café con Pan
Audiovisual concert by Sabina Covarrubias 


This video was produced by the Le Générateur.


Café con Pan" by Sabina Covarrubias. This show combines traditional Mexican music, techno and computer-generated images for a unique immersive experience. 

"Café con Pan" is much more than a concert, it's a cultural and sensory journey that promises to leave a lasting impression. All the more reason not to miss this Nuit Blanche 2023 at Le Générateur in Gentilly. Come and experience a night of discovery and wonder, under the banner of culture and creativity! " source : Sortir à Paris

"Café con Pan, in Spanish, is the name of a rhythm in the traditional music of Veracruz, Mexico, as well as the name of a delicious combination of typical local dishes usually served for breakfast.

Composer Sabina Covarrubias plays with this tradition, envisioning Café con Pan as a joyful blend of musical, sonic and visual elements to create a "delicious" sono-visual recipe.

Here, the artist constructs a dialogue between traditional music from Mexico and Senegal, techno music and experimental electronic music.

The images are generated from an original musical composition and sound elements assembled especially for Café con Pan. Synchronized with the music, computer-generated images and photographs lead to the creation of videos produced and projected in real time.
Event as part of the Nuit Blanche in Paris ". Source  : Le Parisien 

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