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​Viaje (2018-2019) is a visual-music work by Videns ( Sabina Covarrubias) , Its length is 42 minutes. It includes live-electronic music and live-generative visuals. The artist plays her modular synthesizer and also uses a vocoder to produce unexpected original sounds. 

The presentation can be performed in two different formats:

  • presentation with visuals and live-electronics or

  • just music: live-electronics in stereo version

Sonica_Trip 9_Credit Louise Mather.jpg

Sabina Covarrubias performing VIAJE at Sonica Festival 2019, Glasgow, UK. Photo credit. Louise Mather. 



Presentation with visuals and live-electronics


 This performance includes analog synthesizers and video performance. Viaje also includes improvisation in both music and video performance. 

Its premiere was at festival Vision'R 2018 in Paris, France.

The premier of the only music live-electronics version was at Saturnalia Festival 2019, in Milan, Italy

Promo video

Viaje- Promo video

Download rider
Live recording

A live recording of Viaje. 

Artist Bio
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