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Random Access:  Art-Installation at

 Tate Modern Gallery 2019, London, Uk  



Photo: Sabina Covarrubias



November 29th 11,  2019, Random Access is a Live audio-visual data generated  art installation. It was  presented at  Tate Modern Gallery in London on November the 29th 2019.  This is a collaboration with afro-electronic music producer Ekiti Sound, digital art specialists James Harford (Beej) and Sabina Covarrubias to reveal a data-generated audio-visual art installation.  The installation description :  A series of sensors and microphones installed around the room  capture the audience movement and loudness level, then, this data  generates  music and visuals. Sabina Covarrubias created an algorithm which generates music.  The music is build with extracts of Ekiti-Sound audio samples. The visuals contain video samples of Beej.  The algorithm which generates music and video and visuals was created by Sabina Covarrubias.  The work was produced  by  Global Roots, an independent underground music radio station from across all corners of the globe; with independent music and culture at the core and sponsored by Uniqlo Tate Lates. 

Work done during Random Access  2019

During Random Access art Installation Sabina Covarrubias participated with  3 activities: project conception, coding for generative audio, coding for  generative visuals

1. Staging

Installation of devices and installation material. 

The room before and during  installation. Evaluation of the place in order to adapt the work to the place.  

Video mapping installation and tests

Beej and Sabina Covarrubias creating and testing video-mapping. Ekiti-sound installing audio setup.

6. pm London time. The installation is ready 

Photo  by Dan Weill

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