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360° Audiovisual concert

Video and sound spatialisation produced  by Des sons animés studio. 

Recorded during IMERSIO residency at Des sons animés. 

Outspaces is a 360° Audiovisual performance , collaborative project 


Diego Losa

Sabina Covarrubias

Sound spatialisation and production by Des sons animés.


Audiovisual concert, produced during the residency at the Des sons animés studio.  Real time 360° visuals by Sabina Covarrubias, Musical composition by Diego Losa. Musical improvisation by Sabina Covarrubias and Diego Losa. 

This project aims to explore the sound and visual space through expressive improvisations using analog synthesizers and concrete sounds. The visuals are generated in real time from the audio data. 
The spatialization of the sound is created in real time. This work was created during the Imersio residency at Des sons animés studios. 

Photos by Marina Losa

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