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Live Audio/MIDI reactive visuals for beginners in Jitter MAX MSP or Max for Live

Private lessons 

Wondering how to put all together : visuals,  music and programming knowledge to accomplish a high quality artistic project? 

Do you want to learn how to use Max MSP Jitter or Max for Live in a fast, enjoyable and simple way? 

Tired of learning alone ? 

Do you need support to build an audio-visual project ? 

Would you like to learn at your own pace? 

Do you need to make questions, learn by practice and a professor reviewing your work? 

Do you prefer personalised attention? 

This could be useful for someone interested in becoming a visual-music artist and making a profit  from this.  Also for people who need support to create a specific project or just wanting to learn how to use Max MSP and Jitter in a fast, enjoyable and simple way with a solid method. 


I am giving private lessons in : 

  • Creating live audio-reactive visuals  

  • Creating live MIDI-reactive visuals or

  • Creating Live generative visuals

  • Building your own audio-visual setup

  • Performing with Jitter on stage

  • Building an audio-visual art installation

  • How to submit a work project to a gallery, festival , concert or competition

  • Visual Music Composition 

All with Jitter Max MSP and or Max for Live.  More details ? Keep reading. 


I am Sabina Covarrubias PhD, an independent experienced composer and muti-media artist. I do love teaching one-to-one, interacting with people because  I know that this is the only way to transmit certains aspects of a "know-how".   Photo : Sabina C performing "Viaje" in Sonica Festival, Glasgow 2019. Photo credit :  Louise Mather.  Read more about my work on this article published by Ableton. 

Or this other published by the Computer Music Journal by MIT

Contact me or

Private lessons details 


The course will be one hour per week in Zoom. You need Max MSP or Max for Live installed in your computer to take the lessons.

The schedule might sometimes be flexible, since sometimes I will have shows.  


I will provide learning materials such as: 

  • readings

  • video examples

  • patches (programs) 

  • bibliography

  • practical exercises

During the hour of class I will review your work,  I will explain a specific topic and give you an exercise as homework. 

We will work to get a solid basis on Max MSP Jitter or Max for Live programming, and at the same time working on your personal project. 


Among my teachings   

  • I will share my "know-how" for building patches to perform on stage on a show

  • I will share  my "know how" sharing my techniques and tools for music-technologie composition and performance 

  • I will encourage you to apply the explained techniques in your own creative projects

  • I will encourage you to create meaningful; and high quality art projects 

  • I will teach techniques and tools for performing live on stage and also about tools to produce your own pre-recorded video clips

  • Bonus, if you are interested, I can also share with you my "meditation" tips for improving concentration and creativity for Max-MSP patching


About my fee


Usually the cost for each private lesson is 70 euros,  but if this is now difficult for you, please let me know and I can be flexible, and modify this fee until we both feel comfortable. For me, it is very important that the student does not feel financial stress. 

Please let me know what you think about this,  I would like to hear what is the project that you want to build.

You can contact me by pressing HERE

Terms and conditions

The student who accepts to take private lessons with me accepts the following terms and conditions : Lessons are at least once a week.  The schedules of the sessions are fixed in day of the week and time.  If the student is unable to attend a class, he/she must cancel or request a change of time 24 hours before the day of the class, otherwise, no refund or rescheduling of the previously paid session will be possible. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon  :)

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Contact me or
  • How many lessons will I need to learn how to use Jitter?
    It depends on your learning pace and your previous experience with Max. For a beginner a total of 10 to 12 hours of lessons are necessary to acquire the basic knowledge. To become an intermediate user, an additional 10 to 12 hours will be needed. After this, you will have the ability to learn and solve most of the problems you encounter in a self-taught manner. I recommend one semester of study and practice for intermediate level and one year of study and practice for advanced level.
  • What material do I need for the classes?
    We can work with Max Standalone or Max for Live or learn to use both in class. It will depend on what you want to learn.
  • Where did you learn to program in Jitter?
    I learned to program Max MSP at the University of Paris 8 during my Master and PhD studies. I also learned to program in Max for Live, Jitter and Max-MSP at the IRCAM, in Paris France, where I obtained a Max advanced user certification.
  • I have a deadline to deliver a project, can you help me to do it?"
    It depends, each case is particular. You can contact me and we can discuss it.
  • In which languages are the lessons held ?
    English, Spanish or French
  • Where else have you taught Max MSP and Jitter ?
    I have taught Jitter MAX MSP at university workshops and seminars, e.g., workshop at the University of Glasgow to undergraduate students, seminar at the ISME in Paris, an institute linked to Sorbonne University in Paris, a seminar at UNAM in Mexico City to undergraduate and master students, I am also author of the online course : Introduction to Live-Video Using JitterOnline Course. I have taught individual students as well.

Your question is not found here ? Contact me and ask  click here 

About my principles 

Each student is a universe to discover, his way of learning, the projects that motivate him, and his artistic aspirations. My mission as a teacher is to understand the student's needs and motivations, and then, to facilitate his path so that he can accomplish concrete and meaningful projects in an enjoyable way.  The creative person who works with technology can feel frustrated at the beginning, that is why my mission is also to lessen the stress load of beginners, simplifying the process of approaching computer tools in the creative process.  I teach with ♡ : I love art and I consider that the world needs more of it.  I believe that by teaching how to create music and visuals, I contribute to increase the amount of art in this world. Therefore, I teach my students to produce pieces that are important to them and that they show to the public.

Save your place

You can contact me and ask if I have available places. 

You can also save your place by paying lessons in advance. 

I usually have few places available because I like to give each student high quality classes and because I also do my work as an artist. So I carefully select my students and give priority to those who show motivation and commitment.

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