"Cantos de Viento" a Research and Composition Project

Cantos de viento is a musique mixte piece for alto recorder and computer in which the performer is asked to produce new timbres through the use of novel instrumental techniques, as well as the use of software and hardware devices.  The work includes audiovisual tutorials containing (i) sound examples of the timbres and the rhythms asked to the performer, and (ii) how to carry out/conduct the instrumentals techniques that produce the sounds required to the performer.

​Cantos de Viento, description of the work.​

  • Author: Sabina Covarrubias

  • Year of composition: 2015

  • Score format: PDF file with hyperlinks redirecting to the tutorials (video files hosted on the web).

  • Musical instruments: recorder head joint and computer.

  • Duration c.a. 7’00’’

  • Format: Octophonics, high order ambisonics system configuration.

  • Software: Patch written in MaxMSP V.6.1.9  Externals:

    • HOA library V.2.2 from CICM.

    • Psychoirtrist ~from IRCAM.

  • Place and date of the premiere: Wednesday, April 15th , 2015 at 6:30 p.m., Maison de Sciènces de l’Homme-Paris Nord’s (MSH) Theatre , Saint-Denis La Plaine, France

  • Hardware used on the premiere:

    • MacOS 10.9 computer.

    • MIDI controller Novation ZeRO SLMkII.

Cantos de Viento world premiere recording

Premier was performed by Julian Rincon at
MSH, Paris Nord. April 2015

Instrumental techniques video tutorials for Cantos de Viento 


This is a sample of the video tutorials included in Cantos de Viento Score  
​Please, activate English subtitles in youtube. 

"Cantos de Viento" was published in the album "Vivo", in 2017