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Collaborative performance. London, UK. 


This video was directed and edited by Kristijonas Dirsė  

Experimental performance collaborative project 


Colin Riley

Agnese Toniutti

Kristijonas Dirsė

Sabina Covarrubias

This contents source of this page is a translation and a textual citation from the official project's page, click here to visit. 


This new collaboration explores innovative and inventive ways to synergize visuals and sound, both as a fixed digital artifact and as a malleable live immersive performance. The creative outputs will initially be in the form of an online collection of films. These will then be re-fashioned into the live context for performances at festivals across Europe. The project began with 12 miniature piano pieces by composer Colin Riley. These have been recorded by Agnese Toniutti and the responsive video/animations will be created next. A unique collaboration between Kritsijonas Dirse and Sabina Covarrubias (France) has been set up to provoke rich and startling ways to combine visual elements. The spirit of these pieces is one of intricacy and playfulness. They are geometric and narrative in equal measure.

The set lasts about 45 minutes. Thanks to support of both Brunel University London and Sound Festival Scotland we are working in multiple residencies to be ready to premiere it in Autumn 2023. In the collaborative spirit of this multi-media project there is now the opportunity to involve a group of festivals across Europe to take this work innovative to completion.

Colin’s music draws on a range of elements including new technologies, improvisation, song-writing and large-scale classical form. Recent works include a double cello concerto Warp and Weft (Gabriella Swallow/Guy Johnston), In Place (Melanie Pappenheim), and Hearing Places (BBC National Orchestra of Wales). He has also collaborated with diverse artists such as drummer Bill Bruford and poets Michael Rosen and Benjamin Zephaniah.

He is Reader in Music at Brunel University London, and also runs his own label, Squeaky Kate. He writes a regular blog about composing called Riley Notes and his music is published by Composers Edition.
‘Riley is that rarest of birds, a genuine original.’ London Jazz Blog

Agnese Toniutti is an Italian pianist specialized in contemporary and 20th Century music. Her work often investigates the complementarity of composition and improvisation in musical creativity, both in the author and the interpreter’s case. Cage, Scelsi, Cardini are some of her favorites; her incursions into the territory of improvisation, performance, and extemporary composition, are also encouraged by studying Seventies’ art movements. Her collaborations often include other artistic disciplines (acting, photography, dance, visual arts and multimedia). 

Among her recent projects is the release of Subtle Matters (Neuma Records, 2021), a recording where she re-interprets the “timbre-piano” invented by Lucia Dlugoszewski and the verbal scores by Philip Corner.  
As a soloist and chamber music pianist, she performed in several venues and international festivals in Italy, Europe, and the USA.

Born in Vilnius (Lithuania) in 1992, Kristijonas is an audiovisual artist, filmmaker and photographer. In his work he combines music and sonic art with the visual expression in narrative and non-narrative films, photography and audiovisual installations.

While studying Film and Music BA at Brunel University, he worked on interdisciplinary art projects and festivals with students and lecturers from the School of Arts (Jennifer Walshe, Christopher Fox, Colin Riley, Bob Gilmore). 
Music plays a major role in his storytelling. It is particularly present in his collaborations with a Lithuanian composer Dominykas Digimas. 

Psychogeographic approach to street videography, exploring the city as a character was the basis of imagery for “From Another Point of View” or “This Order Goes Wrong”. Their recent work “Why Does This Appear” explores the question of the subjectivity in memories, as well as the docu-fiction storytelling in a silent music film form.

Sabina Covarrubias, PhD,  is a composer, multimedia artist and researcher in the field of computer music.  Covarrubias has composed visual music and electroacoustic music in the genres of mixed music, she has also created audio-visual installations and audio-reactive and audio-generative visuals for music. Her electroacoustic music work is based on her mastery of spatialization, sound and rhythmic synthesis techniques using computer tools as well as analog and modular synthesizers. Her visual-music work is based on the synthesis and real-time processing of visuals from data extracted from audio analysis. Her visual-music work has been reviewed and analyzed in major magazines such as MIT’s Computer Music Journal, 2020. 


In general, her work is characterized by the fusion of elements of traditional music from Mexico and Senegal, Africa, with other musical traditions and new technologies, and by the visualization of musical elements in real time, for more information, please visit :

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