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Límite Roto (Broken Limit) : 
Live visual-music created at 

 Keroxen Residency 2020,
Santa Cruz Tenerife, Spain. 


Teaser : límite roto



January 2020, “Lmite Roto” [broken limit] is a sonic and visual exploration on the genre limits, creating an amalgam of textures, rhythms, electronic and instrumental sounds. The research took place in an extremely special place, an empty Keroxen tank in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain), a venue with very special acoustics and a 180° screen. This project puts together a constellation of eclectic musicians: Hara Alonso, piano & electrónica, Sergio Castrillón, cello, Núria Andorrà, percusión and the dj and producer Tomás de la Rosa (aka Postman). The visuals and music structure are created by live sound interactive video created by the artist Sabina Covarrubias.

“límite roto” happened during a KEROXEN artistic residency in January 2020.

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