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CONSTEL.LACIONS  Experimental circus collaborative project , Barcelona, Spain. 

Experimental circus collaborative project 


Núria Andorrà, percussion, direction and composition.
Ariadna Torner, violin
Davíd Diez Ménendez and Sophie Núñez Rodríguez, circus
Sabina Covarrubias, visual artist
Roc Mateu, sound and lighting design

This contents source of this page is a translation and a textual citation from the official project's page, click here to visit. 


Awarded with the Premi Alícia a la Inter-sisciplina 2021 of the Acadèmia Catalana de la Música, the Premi especial de Zirkòlika 2020 and Premi Puig Porret 2019 of the Mercat de Música viva de Vic.

Première September 2020 at the MMVVV

In ancient civilizations they created groupings of stars to orient themselves, and they decided to join these points of stars with imaginary traces that created visual silhouettes on the terrestrial sphere. These stars seem close to the sky, but we know that they can be separated by millions of years of light.

These drawn figures are arbitrary, and throughout history they have been elaborated in different ways. In CONSTEL-LACIONS, we propose, from the trace of music, to join circus and movement, to create the different combinations that will draw the images that will evoke emotions and landscapes, with the same purpose of wanting to know our own universe.

Núria Andorrà presents the winning project of the last edition of the Puig-Porret Award of the Festival de Música Viva de Vic. Constel-lacions, is a show where there is music and circus by experienced artists in their fields.

The artists come together on stage to create a piece where images and sound are the generators of landscapes and emotions. The composition seeks beauty and attention in simplicity to leave space for the spectator to make his own interpretation.

It is an integrating experience for the public, who will be able to travel to a universe present in the room, zoom in and go from the one to the whole, from the individual to the collective. Time becomes three-dimensional, distant things are seen close and unexpected.

The use of different techniques of sound emission in real time will create a unique experience where the sounds travel through the space, which is versatile, a specific site in the treatment of the environment, the technique and the space, which gives the show a very unusual sound dimension.

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