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Soundscape in Sabina Covarrubias Work

Many Sabina Covarrubias works can be described as soundscapes. Indeed, compositions such as: "Viaje" (Trip) , "Fertility", "Turning Point", "La contemplación de los siglos", (The contemplation of centuries), "Survivors", "Vitae", "Genesis". These woks  were conceived and developed from the notion of "sound space". In these works, the spatialization of sound is a structural element of music. The sounds are organized in such a way that, the image of a landscape is created where there is a background plane and other passing elements. The development of the work can be understood as : the journey of a traveller through worlds never visited before. 

In works prior to 2014, such as "El Eco de sus Rezos" ( The echo of their prayers ), or "Inner Sounds", we find field recordings made in remote communities in Mexico, voices in Zapotec languages. The voices are modified in such a way that they seem to be "sound characters" within a landscape, or sound atmosphere. After 2014, the soundscapes compositions are inspired by science fiction, mainly by the accurate descriptions in the stories of Arthur C. Clark.  They are the landscapes that an astronaut from another era contemplates from his spaceship.  Colorful nebulae , births of stars,  worlds of ice, the interior of wormholes, skies of red gas

Work examples : 

Abstract Planet
Viaje (Trip)  

Traveling across an unknown planet

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Abstract Liquid
Turning Point

An unexpected event in a quiet landscape abruptly destroys its ecosystem. New and strange forms of life are born after the catastrophe. 

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A journey through a landscape made up of memories of the artist in her country of origin. Field recordings, and distorted instrument sounds are combined in this work. These are sounds of the habitants in a resulting landscape after an ecological catastrophe. 

More examples 
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